What Is Run Together Token Coins | Move To Earn $RUN Coins

Run Together is an innovative way to move and earn cryptocurrency by moving your body! Run Together uses proprietary algorithms to match you with the right exercise class based on your location, health goals, and personal preferences. Run Together is very similar to STEPN’s Move to Earn model, where users earn by walking, jogging and running. Run Together allows its users to buy NFTs of shoes, sportswear, glasses, etc., which makes it a bit different from STEPN.

Since the advent of cryptocurrencies, new innovations have been taking place in the cryptocurrency industry and the blockchain day by day, but until now it has only been in the form of a computer program. Innovative projects like STEPN, Run Together, etc. they are working to connect cryptocurrencies, blockchain and Web3 with the real world.

Run Together is a Move to Earn project integrated with the BSC and Web3.0 ecosystem whose main objective is to motivate people to fight for climate change, connect people with the help of Web3.0 and improve people’s health. . Users can run, walk, jog or participate in the competition to get rewards in the form of RUN Token. Once you’ve connected with an instructor in your city, all you have to do is go to the class, work hard during the class, and earn $RUN Coins based on your attendance and participation level throughout the session.

What is Run Together?

RunTogether is an innovative way for people with a common goal to move, stay active, and earn money. It’s a fitness platform that helps you find others who want the same thing you do – whether it’s weight loss, getting in shape, or achieving your goals. When you find someone on the app who wants what you want, you can create a group with them. You’ll then get your own personal coach dedicated just to your group!Group members will be able to tap into their group chat room (right on their phone!) and talk about anything they need help with – from recipes, workouts, or even how they are feeling.

How to join the Run Together Move To Earn app?

Download Run Together from Play Store or App Store

Sign up and check your email

Create your BSC wallet and keep safe 12 phrases that will be used to log in

Now transfer BNB to your wallet to buy NFTs

Select the pairs of shoes, clothing and other products you want from the Marketplace.

Now on your GPS and select the mode

Start running to get the $RUN token

How does it work?

The idea behind the app is simple: if you move, then you earn. You may be wondering how this could work. It’s simple, really! When you move, your phone will notify us of your location and we’ll track how many steps you’ve taken. We’ll credit your account with our proprietary $RUN coin currency based on how far you’ve walked. The more steps, the more coins! You can spend these in the app for gift cards from places like Amazon, Starbucks or Barnes & Noble!

How To Buy $RUN Token?

Currently, Run Together’s native token $RUN is available on these exchanges:

Pancake Swap


Second BTC

Execute Tokenomic Token

ECHO 31%

Public 24%

Liquidity 20%

team 15%

Strategic Partners 10%

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How To Start Running On Run Together?
Run Together is an incredible platform to get started with running. It is designed to help you get the motivation and guidance you need to take your running to the next level. With Run Together, you can join a running group, find a running buddy, and move to earn $RUN coins. All you need to do is create your own profile and join a running group. Run Together enables you to connect with other runners, build running-related relationships, and take part in running challenges. You can track your running progress through the Run Together platform and share your running stories with the Run Together community.

Once you join a running group, you can take part in various activities such as running races, completing missions, and earning coins. You can also join virtual running clubs, find running tips and advice, and join exclusive events. Through the Run Together app, you can track your runs and set goals to help you achieve your running goals. You will also have access to exclusive training plans and progress-tracking tools. Lastly, you can use the $RUN coins you earn to buy running gear, apparel, and other incentives.

Run Together is an essential platform for runners of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned runner, Run Together has something for everyone. With its engaging community, easy-to-use features, and rewards system, Run Together is the perfect platform to start running and reach your running goals.

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Play Modes In Run Together

There are six types of modes in Run Together:

Solo Mode – In Solo Mode, users can select a shoe and start running.

Together Mode – In Together Mode, users can invite their friends through the invitation link and can run in groups.

Marathon Tournament – In Tournament Mode, users can participate in Tournaments weekly and monthly. Users must join the tournament within 24 hrs of the tournament.

1V1 Challenge Mode – In 1V1 Challenge Mode, two users can bet on the competition. Both users will stake $RUN token and decide the distance and the time of the competition. The winner will get the staked amount.

Trainer Mode – In Trainer Mod, a user can guide other users to increase their earnings and in return, the trainer will be rewarded.

Background Mode – In Background Mode, if a user does not open the app but still holds the NFT, the user will be rewarded based on his daily steps. The app will work in the background and track your steps.

Benefits of running with Run Together

We believe that, in the same way that a car needs fuel, you need incentive to move.

That’s why we created the easiest way for you to earn money with your everyday steps.

With our app, you will be able to run with friends in real time, track your progress and get rewarded for all your hard work.

Plus, if you’re feeling lazy one day just walk outside for 20 minutes and see how much money you can make!


Ice-Walking happens when a user is cheating or his GPS signal is weak, or he is moving infrequently. Run Together is an innovative platform that has taken the cryptocurrency world by storm. It’s a great way to earn $RUN coins and make your money work without the hassles of investing in the stock market. With its low barrier of entry, easy-to-use features, and a high potential for rewards, Run Together is a great way to get into the cryptocurrency game. It’s a great way for new investors to get their feet wet and for seasoned veterans to get involved in an exciting new asset class. So why wait? Get running – and earning – with Run Together today!

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