What Is Lingose GameFi, Lingose Gamefi Guide for Beginners | Lingose (LING) price prediction 2023 to 2050

What Is Lingose GameFi, In this guide, we provide an overview of Lingose (LING), an emerging GameFi infrastructure project that has been one of the best-performing assets in 2022. Lingose GameFi, as the name refers to “GameFi” consists of two words, “Game + Finance”. Lingose (LING) aims to establish a Game ID protocol that is governed by smart contracts which can award the on-chain credential of the winning gamer in Web3 gaming adventures. This would enable blockchain users to create an on-chain credential that will track user behaviors and provide scoring as you interact with Web3 protocols and games. Using its coins, you can play games and earn money. The more you play, the more you earn! It’s easy to use and suitable for all ages. Below we have tried to explain why Lingose (LING) GameFi is one of the most trusted and popular digital assets of 2022.

What is Lingose ID and How to Start with Lingose GameFi?

Lingose Gamefi Guide for Beginners, The Game ID being built by Lingose is referred to as the “Lingose ID”. The Lingose ID will act as a social identity passport that will track your EXP in various games and highlight all of your achievements to other gamers. Lingose ID – which is an NFT based on the ERC-721 standard. The Lingose ID will be deployed multi-chain and is already compatible with games on various networks including ETH, BNB Chain, OKC Chain and Polygon.Gamers and adventurers can dive right into the Web3 Gaming adventure with their Lingose ID, you must be wondering how shall I get one. Right? It is super simple,

You can visit their official website: Lingose

Then go to the Lingose ID section,

There, you can choose to log into Lingose via discord or Twitter.

After that, you just need to connect your decentralized crypto wallet, it can be your MetaMask wallet or TokenPocket wallet, or it can be your OKX wallet.

After connecting your respective crypto wallets, you have to activate your wallet using BNB chain or ETH chain or OKX chain etc.

After completing all of what’s mentioned above, you may move next to the Campaigns section and then choose a game to play.ou can move next to the Activities section and choose the game you want to play.

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Lingose Token Distribution

5.00% is allocated to Seed Round
10.00% is allocated to Private Round
7.00% is allocated to Marketing
10.00% is allocated to Team
8.00% is allocated to Staking & Liquidity
15.00% is allocated to Community Treasury
20.00% is allocated to Ecosystem Fund
25.00% is allocated to User Rewards

Lingose (LING) Coin Price prediction

YearLingose (LING) price

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Is Lingose A Good Investment For Future?

Lingose has been one of the top-performing protocols in the GameFi space, seeing a meteoric rise in price since launching its IDO on Bybit’s Launchpad in September 2021. The Lingose team is experienced in the gaming industry and their advisory team includes some of the biggest names in NFTs and Web3 gaming.