KubeCoin (KUBE) Details Review | How to Buy Kubecoin

Staff Report : What is Kubecoin (KUBE)?

Probably you are curious to know the meaning and purpose of this cryptocurrency. In this regard, we have several details for you. Kubecoin (KUBE) is a digital currency built on cardano platform, mainly created to bring revolution in leisure and travel industry. KubeCoin is built on Cardano’s Blockchain, one of the 3rd generation revolutionary Cryptocurrencies improving Smart Contacts and achieving a more robust and intelligent platform. In addition to this, 375.000€ was raised by company in December 2018.

Kubecoin Official ticker code is – KUBE

KubeCoin (KUBE) Tokenomics

  • 16% Pre-sale
  • 10% Liquidity locked
  • 10% Board
  • 10% Burn
  • 4% Ecosystem expansion
  • 36% Public offering
  • 14% ICO

Kubecoin (KUBE) Team

Team of Kubecoin is very gaint but some of their main faces are:

  • Paolo Della Pepa – CEO
  • Marc Parellada – CMO
  • Daniel Martin – CTO
  • Gemma Mengual – Team Leader
  • Milto, Cavz, Andrew – Ambassadors
  • Queen Floyd, Reckss- Moderators

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Kubecoin (KUBE) Price and Prediction

Many investors around the world currently have cardano in their portfolios. Many people want to know the value of Kubecoin, but it is not possible to know it now. Because it is under ICO. Kubecoin is not currently traded on any cryptocurrency exchange. It is currently running at price of €0.12 per coin. It is believed that the price of Kubecoin will see a huge increase in the near future. It is likely to be $4 in 2024, with prices expected to rise further in 2025.

Is kubecoin scam or safe

Many people are trying to know if Kubecoin is legit, it is not a scam. Let us inform you that Kubecoin is a legitimate project. Those behind Kubecoin have already established businesses like Eatkube, Flykube. One of the main reasons why Kubecoin is secure is that the Cardano network is built on it, working on the Cardano blockchain. That is why it is safe and reliable.

Kubecoin (KUBE) Use

Kubecoin mainly created to bring revolution in leisure and travel industry. KubeCoin is an complex ecosystem of over 7 projects with real-world applicability, including FlyKube, EatKube, KubePay, NFT Collection, Kube NFT Marketplace and KubeIn. KubePay app will be launched for iOS and Android where users will trade KubeCoin, purchase leisure and travel products, send or receive payments from different platforms and global partners.

Kubecoin contract : 362706e09f908e1470b90278cb50bcd834b4c2f8d489431a8965ddb84b756265436f696e