India has marked a significant milestone in its defence and aerospace capabilities with the unveiling of the FWD-200B, the country’s first indigenous bomber unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), during a ceremony in Bangalore. The UAV, developed by Flying Wedge Defence and Aerospace Technologies, is a medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) combat vehicle designed and manufactured entirely within India.

The FWD-200B stands out for its cost-efficiency and indigenous development, highlighting India’s move towards self-reliance in strategic defence equipment. It boasts a payload capacity of 100 kgs, capable of carrying both optical surveillance payloads and precision air-strike weapons. The UAV can operate at a maximum speed of 370 kmph (200 knots), with an endurance of 12-20 hours and a ground control station range of 200 km.

This achievement is particularly notable as it comes after years of efforts and is a significant reduction in cost compared to imported alternatives. While an imported US Predator drone might cost around ₹ 250 crore, the FWD-200B is priced at just ₹25 crore — a tenth of the cost. This development not only boosts India’s defence capabilities but also positions the country as a leader in cost-effective defence solutions on the global stage.

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The unveiling of the FWD-200B is a proud moment for India, symbolizing the nation’s advancements in technology and its commitment to enhancing its defence autonomy. It’s indeed the ‘nation’s eagle eye,’ providing a strategic edge in aerial defence.

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