India China: In a New Incident People’s Liberation Army Prevented Ladakhi Nomads from Grazing in Indian Territory

Sources – AFI

A Ladakhi politician recently accused the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of obstructing Ladakhi nomads from grazing in Indian territory. Konchok Stanzin, a councillor from Chushul, alleged that Chinese soldiers intervened with Ladakhi nomads and prevented them from grazing in Indian territory.

Chushul, located in the Leh district, witnessed Stanzin sharing a video purportedly depicting Chinese soldiers in PLA armored vehicles interacting with nomads. In the footage, the nomads, conversing in Tibetan, argued that they had been grazing their livestock in that area for an extended period.

Stanzin took to the microblogging platform X to express his sentiments, stating, “Witness how our local populace demonstrates bravery in confronting the PLA, asserting that the area they are obstructing belongs to our nomads for grazing. The PLA’s interference with our nomads’ grazing activities in our territory appears to be an ongoing issue fueled by differing perceptions. Nevertheless, I commend our nomads for steadfastly defending our land, serving as the second line of defense for our nation.”

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Highlighting the collaboration between the armed forces and civilians in addressing grazing disputes with the PLA, the Chushul councillor remarked, “Undoubtedly, our armed forces consistently stand by civilians in resolving grazing conflicts with the PLA. It is owing to their unwavering support that our nomads can boldly confront the PLA.”

The incident underscores the complex dynamics and territorial disputes prevalent along the Indo-China border, where local livelihoods and territorial claims often intersect with geopolitical tensions.