India Blasts Off Towards it’s Own Space Station: First Module by 2028, Full Station by 2035

Sources – AFI

Charting a bold course for the nation’s spacefaring future, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chairman S. Somanath announced ambitious plans for a Made in India space station at the 6th Bharatiya Vigyan Sammelan on Friday. The first module of this futuristic outpost is set to launch by 2028, paving the way for a fully operational space station by 2035.

Speaking at the event, jointly organized by the Gujarat government and the RSS-affiliated Vijnana Bharati, Somanath highlighted the key milestones in this groundbreaking endeavor. He revealed that ISRO is currently developing a new launch vehicle capable of carrying heavier payloads, a crucial step in transporting the various modules that will make up the space station.

The Indian space station, tentatively named Bharatiya Antariksha Station is envisioned as a 20 tonne orbiting laboratory, offering a platform for scientific experiments, technological advancements, and potentially, even human spaceflight missions in the future. It will orbit Earth at an altitude of approximately 400 kilometers, allowing astronauts to stay for up to 15-20 days.


This ambitious project signifies a significant leap forward for India’s space program placing the nation among a select few countries pursuing the development of independent space stations. The successful completion of the project would not only boost India’s scientific prowess but also open up new avenues for collaboration with other spacefaring nations

However, the journey to a fully operational space station is not without its challenges, Technological hurdles, budgetary constraints, and the ever-evolving landscape of space exploration all present obstacles that ISRO must navigate with precision and perseverance

Despite the challenges the announcement of the Indian space station project has ignited excitement within the scientific community The prospect of conducting research in a space environment fostering international partnerships, and potentially sending Indian astronauts into space is a thrilling one marking a significant step towards establishing India’s place as a major player in the global space race

The future of space exploration is beckoning, and India with its ambitious space station plans is determined to answer the call As the joumey unfolds the world will watch with anticipation as India blasts off towards its own piece of the celestial frontier