Gaza likely be split in two parts, tribal clans to administer both areas

Sources – IANS

The Gaza Strip is likely to be split in two parts while the Palestinian tribal clan will administer both the parts separately rather than a single political party after the war between Hamas and Israel comes to an end, media reports said.

Reports suggest that as per an Israeli army plan, the tribes can be tasked with the civil administration of Gaza and will also oversee the distribution of humanitarian aid for a temporary period. Media reports also said that the plan is likely to be presented to the Israel war cabinet for further endorsement.

However, the Supreme Authority of the Palestinian Tribes in the Gaza Strip has denounced the Israeli army proposed plan

Al Jazeera reported that Akef al-Masry, the commissioner-general of the Supreme Authority for Palestinian Tribes, has issued a warning against the plan.

Akey al-Masry has said that the occupying state seeks to cover up its failure in Gaza and create confusion and strife in Palestinian society

He has also asked the Hamas-Fatah to end their division and stressed upon the need for a unified national leadership

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