France Offer Brazil Type Nuclear Submarine Deal To India

France has offered its Barracuda class submarines for India’s future nuclear-powered attack submarines. These are one of the world’s stealth submarines. SSN Agule of 4765 tons. First they offered three Barracuda based submarines to India. An additional three will then be ordered.

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On the other hand, Australia announced to buy three Virginia class attack submarines from America. Similar to Barracuda, these are submarines of a different level. Their weight is 10200 tons. However, they can carry more weapons than the Barracuda. But one advantage of the Barracuda is that the Barracuda can carry MICA air defenses. Which the Virgina class submarine cannot.
After the three Virginias, Britain and America will jointly design the AUKUS class submarines for Australia. They will get two submarines of this class.

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