China’s spy ship Yuan Wang 6 is set to re-enter the IOR

Sources – AFI

China’s Yuan Wang 6, a formidable missile and satellite tracking vessel, has set its course to enter the Indian Ocean region (IOR) via the Sunda Strait in Indonesia. Weighing a staggering 22,000 tonnes, this vessel belongs to the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLA) Navy) and is equipped with advanced capabilities to track long-range ballistic missile trajectories and satellite launches. While the technological prowess of Yuan Wang 6 is remarkable, its presence in the Indian Ocean region has raised concerns for India.

As a nation with significant strategic interests in the Indian Ocean, India has been closely monitoring the developments related to Yuan Wang 6. The vessel’s arrival in the region is being closely tracked by the Indian Navy, who have been vigilant in keeping a watchful eye on its movements. This level of scrutiny is essential, considering China’s increasing presence in the Indian Ocean.

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The Yuan Wang series of tracking vessels play a critical role in China’s space program and satellite communications. Armed with advanced tracking and communication systems, these ships provide vital support during satellite launches, missile tests, and space exploration missions. However, the presence of such vessels in the Indian Ocean raises questions about the underlying intentions and activities of the Chinese Navy in the region.

In the recent past, India’s maritime long-range surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft, the P-81, detected as many as seven Chinese Navy warships in the Indian Ocean. This further accentuates the concerns regarding China’s growing naval presence in the region and its potential implications for regional security

India’s proximity to the Indian Ocean places it at the center of geopolitical dynamics, making it crucial to safeguard its maritime interests. The presence of Chinese naval assets in the IOR has prompted India to enhance its vigilance and strengthen its maritime security measures.