BrahMos: India to Commence Shipment of BrahMos Missile Components to Philippines Says DRDO Chief

Sources – AFI

India’s long-awaited entry into the realm of missile exports is about to take off. The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) chief, Dr. Samir V Kamat, has announced that exports of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile system will begin within the next ten days. This marks a significant milestone for India’s defense industry and signals its growing potential as a global supplier of high-tech weaponry.

The Philippines is expected to be the first recipient of the BrahMos, with the initial focus on exporting ground systems. While the timeframe for delivery of the missiles themselves remains slightly longer, this initial step paves the way for a potentially lucrative and strategically significant partnership.

The BrahMos, jointly developed by India and Russia, has been a formidable force in India’s arsenal for years. Its supersonic speed and devastating accuracy make it a potent deterrent against potential adversaries. Now, with the commencement of exports, the BrahMos is poised to become a cornerstone of India’s defense exports strategy

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With the BrahMos proving its mettle and India eager to share its technological expertise, a growing number of nations are expressing interest in acquiring the missile system Countries like Vietnam, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates are potential future customers, opening up a vast untapped market for Indian defense exports.

This export breakthrough carries immense strategic weight it not only bolsters India’s regional influence but also fosters closer defense ties with key partners advancing its strategic objectives and promoting international cooperation Additionally, the economic benefits are undeniable, boosting India’s defense manufacturing sector and generating valuable revenue for the country